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Founded in 2020 by Tierria McGlothin-Ogiamien. The idea for AMINA Activewear started after years of difficulty finding active leggings that provided adequate compression at the waist and maintained modesty during workouts. After researching many styles, materials, and cuts, she has found unique pieces that are not transparent, utilize innovative compressive materials, and are most importantly comfortable. 


Behind the Name

 The West African ruler, Amina - the Warrior Queen, notably mastered many roles during her successful reign. Not only was she the first Queen to rule her Kingdom, but skillfully led her armies to glory and expanded her territory. Inspired by her PerseveranceDedication, and Tenacity, we want to motivate Women to release their inner Queen Amina and conquer their daily grind, excel in their multiples roles, and overcome any adversity standing in the way of greatness.

Brand Objective 

AMINA Activewear is committed to providing women with Premium Activewear Collections that promote comfort and confidence to meet their fitness goals.



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